The New Lights

by Leah Devaney & Amy Garner

As The New Lights support The Raptors at their EP Launch Show, band members Matt and Callum chat to Leah Devaney and Amy Garner.

What would you say your ‘sound’ is?
C: Alternative rock.

Is this the biggest gig you’ve played?
C: We played the main stage at [Plymouth] Volksfest, which was pretty big.

Who’s your biggest influence?
C: As a band, Arctic Monkeys; bands like that.

Personally, who would you say your idol is?
C: Me? Well I don’t really have an idol.

How would you describe your sound?
M: I don’t really know. It’s a bit different to everyone else here. It’s a bit indie, rocky-indie-punk-shit.

Who would you say your idol is?
M: Callum here, I aim to be him.

Where do you see your band in 12 months?
Both: Famous, as big as Luke Friend. Main stage Reading would be pretty good!