Michael Kiwanuka

by Liam Hill

Monday 23rd October, The Great Hall

Kiwanuka's performance this October at our very own Great Hall is one simply to not miss.

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Photo credit: Fanart.tv.

Michael Kiwanuka is a name that was introduced to me through Pearshaped, and after reading Sarah Turnnidge’s review of his sophomore album, I knew I was missing out. After also missing out at Michael’s debut performance at Exeter’s Phoenix, his performance this October at our very own Great Hall is one I simply can not miss.

The deep, crooning, soulful vocal of Kiwanuka is unforgettably powerful. But more than this, Kiwanuka’s long suspenseful tracks from his second album Love & Hate have an ere of Pink Floyd’s soothing nature that when projected to a group of individuals has a moving and awe-filled effect. Kiwanuka embodies the power of music; his emotive vocals and lyrics backed with perfectly layered guitars, synths and delicate instrumentation create an overwhelming atmosphere that I find difficult to compare to any of his mainstream contemporaries.

With Exeter carrying the stereotype of a laughable music scene, acts like Michael Kiwanuka put Bristol and Plymouth to shame. His return being anticipated and desired, quite simply put (albeit cliché), this is not a gig to miss.