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Eleanor Turner

The President is the chair of the Committee, and leads the society’s direction. They organise meetings, take minutes, and above all ensure that all of the parts of the organisation are performing as they should, and co-operating properly.


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David Crone

The Editor-in-Chief is in charge of the web magazine. They have the ultimate authority on the editorial content of the magazine, and they manage all of the content on the website. Along with the Assistant Editor, the Editor-in-Chief sets the agenda and content schedule. The Editor-in-Chief oversees the pool of writers, handing out content pieces to be written, and keeping track to make sure that content arrives on time.


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Assistant Editor

Thom Vigor

The Assistant Editor is in charge of PearShaped’s event coverage, co-ordinating event previews and event reviews. They’re also in charge of new writers.


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Press Officer

Amy White

The Press Officer handles the magazine’s relationships with press contacts. They procure press passes, interviews, and review copies of albums.


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Media Officer

Evan Phillips

The Media Officer runs the magazine’s social media platforms, and is wholly responsible for the online publicity of the organisation. They also liaise with other media groups to ensure that PearShaped is in touch with all the important organisations.


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Social Secretary

Robert Taylor

The Social Officer is responsible for organising PearShaped’s socials. The Social Officer collaborates with the Press Officer to organise annual live events, and executes other social events that are proposed by the President and approved by the committee.


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Sarah Morrish

The Treasurer keeps a record of the finances of the society. They track the cash flow of the organisation and report to the President, suggesting what expenses can be tolerated and how much is needed in revenue to maintain healthy funds.


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Publicity Officer

Shona Hickey

The Publicity Officer is responsible for encouraging the following of the PearShaped society by using physical publicity to increase visibility, as well as informing the public about PearShaped’s purpose and mission. The Publicity Officer is also tasked with encouraging new members to join the society, and publicising PearShaped’s socials and launch parties.


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Liz Greenberg

The photographer takes photos for use in PearShaped articles.