Local Reviews

October 2017


Probably Not – The Same Pain

Riaud Abdul

September 2017


The Ivy Tapes – Witch

Liam Hill

July 2016


Lucius & Milo – Helicon

Oliver Rose

June 2016


Peacock Affect – The Rainbow

Josh Jewell

May 2016


The Allergens – I’m Sick Of My Caring, Sharing Lover And His Endless Foreplay.

Rob Scott

April 2016


Sammy Kettell – Whisky & Wine

Srinandini Mukherjee

March 2016

Semi Toned Sing Theory

Semi-Toned – Sing Theory

Matt Hacke

February 2016


Apherium – Embrace The Fall That Brought Us Here

Rosemary Lennie

The Allergens - Ostrich

The Allergens – Ostrich

Matt Hacke

November 2015


Takao – Valencia To Venus

Matt Hacke


Splitsville – Blackouts

Rosemary Lennie


Item – Stammer EP

Shannon Smith

October 2015

Land of the Giants

Land of the Giants – Surrender

Oliver Rose

September 2015

Screen shot 2015-09-22 at 12.32.24 PM

Sam England – Red Skies EP

Dom Ford


The Wolf And The Weather – Portrait With Teeth

Matt Hacke

August 2015

Black Thistles Pop Quiz

Black Thistles – Pop Quiz EP

Charlotte Morrison

May 2015


Lilo's Wall – Rowan EP

Jed Fletcher

April 2015

Black Thisles

Black Thistles – Who Cares EP

Matt Hacke

March 2015

The Black Dogs

The Black Dogs – The Black Dogs

Nickie Shobeiry

Jed Fletcher with a review of local electronica outfit Delmer Darion.

Delmer Darion – All Over Again, All Over Again

Jed Fletcher

February 2015

Drive In Saturday

Drive In Saturday – Drive In Saturday EP

Dom Ford

December 2014

Sam England

Sam England – Equilibria EP

Jack Reid

September 2014

Isaac Indiana

Isaac Indiana – Memoirs Of A Memory Boy

Laura Clarke

June 2014


HollowTown – 365 Days Gone

Jack Reid

May 2014

Tom Elliott

Tom Elliott – Out There EP

Rosa Brown


Seprevation – Consumed

Oscar Charles

March 2014

Camilo Oswald review's Lion The Weak's new release.

Lion The Weak – Nights Out EP

Camilo Oswald

Violent Beauregarde - Viscosity

Violent Beauregarde – Viscosity

Jack Reid

Moe Jatthews - Say My Name

Moe Jatthews – Say My Name

Jack Reid

February 2014

Chiyoda Ku - Bread and Circuses

Chiyoda Ku – Bread And Circuses

Matt Hacke

January 2014

HollowTown - All There Is

HollowTown – All There Is

Jack Reid

The Raptors - Heavy Nights Wasted Days

The Raptors – Heavy Nights Wasted Days EP

Matt Hacke

The Cut Purse Rascals - Heavitree EP

Cut Purse Rascals – Heavitree EP

Matt Hacke

Ella Janes

Ella Janes – Many Miles Away EP’

Jack Reid

December 2013

Flash Fiction - The Murmurs of Morning

Flash Fiction – The Murmurs Of Morning

Matt Hacke

Moscow Magazine - Sandbox

Moscow Magazine – Sandbox

Jack Reid

October 2013

Daniel Schamroth - Common Knowledge

Daniel Schamroth – Common Knowledge

Jack Reid

Modu - Timelapse

Modu – Timelapse/Window Seat

Jack Reid

September 2013

White Elephant Emporium - Blood Sweets

White Elephant Emporium – Blood Sweets

Matt Hacke

August 2013

Lion The Weak - Lullabies to Summetime

Lion The Weak – Lullabies To Summertime EP

Leah Devaney

John K

John K – Deep Blue

Josh Gray

The Sherpas - Soiree

The Sherpas – Soirée

Harry Dunsford

May 2013

Isaac Indiana - Borderlines

Isaac Indiana – Borderlines

Colin Bugler